Above all, Security!

Whether hackers, industrial spies or virus programmers - countless groups and individuals are on the Internet who are only looking for gaps in your systems and infrastructures. You can protect your organisation from these dangerous attackers: through optimal risk management and the appropriate security architecture for your business.

Above all, Security!


We provide expert advise on all questions around cyber security and assess the security of your networks, products or data center. We We are product-independent and focus on your business and added value only when evaluating offers or service providers.



PRESECURE advises you in all areas of cyber security and defense

Setup & Training

PRESECURE helps you build cyber defense and other security teams like CERTs or SOCs, Blue or Red


PRESECURE supports your managers in establishing effective information security management systems (ISMS) and improves the performance of your cyber defense.

Ongoing Support

PRESECURE provides ongoing support and coaching for your management and your security expertss based on more than 30 years of operational experience in the field