Incident Management: As unique as your company

Together we analyze the working methods of your security teams, look for any gaps or deficits and find the best opportunities for you to close them - through competent advice, targeted coaching and trusted on-going support.

Incident Management: As unique as your company

In the face of increasing Cyber threats, the importance of a timely and adaptive information security management is growing steadily. Only by integrating effective risk management with streamlined operational processes your security teams will be able to protect your business. If set up correctly CERTs and SOCs can enable you to cope effectively with attacks that put your business at risk or paralyze the necessary infrastructure despite all technical measures.

PRESECURE sees it as our task to provide those responsible for cyber security the practical and conceptual tools they need to deal with new attacks and specific incidents effictively while still efficiently.

There are many companies, organizations and agencies around the world who trust the know-how of PRESECURE:

  • Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik
  • Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie
  • Secunet Security Networks AG
  • SIZ - Informatikzentrum der Sparkassenorganisation
  • VDE
  • several DAX30-Konzerne


PRESECURE was accredited already in 2002 by Trusted Introducer.

TI maintains and safe-guards the international directory of security teams, providing clear and up-to-date accurate information about registered teams. Within the framework of defined processes, all accredited teams voluntarily submit to the jointly defined quality standards and requirements. Some teams also opt for the SIM3 Maturity Model certification, which can be applied to CERTs and SOCs.

If your organization is interested to become accredited by TI or if you would like to be included in the TI directory, please send a short e-mail to Dr. Kossakowski

Since 2002 PRESECURE is a full-member of FIRST.

The annual conferences are the largest international cyber defense events. In the meantime, more than 400 teams have joined this international umbrella organization. FIRST is a network of experts who support each other and work together to improve standards for incident management processes.

If your organization would like to join FIRST, please contact Dr. Kossakowski by e-mail